Senator Manchin Struggles to explain his opposition to the GOP tax bill when confronted

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia seems to be struggling with ways to make his vote against the GOP tax bill look good. He is trying to have it both ways. It is hard to justify voting against a bill that will put more money in your constituents paychecks every week. I do not think that he can put enough spin on this ball. Here are his efforts, when confronted.

As Written and Reported by Guy Benson for Townhall:

Of course it will, Joe.  More than 80 percent of Americans will get a tax cut next year under the new law, with nearly as many taxpayers enjoying relief through at least 2026 (and very likely beyond).  Of the plan’s tiny handful of ‘losers’ (less than five percent), most are high-income earners living in high-tax states who itemize their deductions — as opposed to taking the now-doubled standard deduction, as 70 percent of filers currently do (a number that will grow).  It…doesn’t sound like many West Virginians fit that profile.  Manchin knew all of this, of course, but he voted with Chuck Schumer anyway, just as he’s refused to help Republican Senators confirm a number of highly qualified judges nominated by President Trump.  Confronted with his tax reform vote on local radio, Manchin struggled to defend his decision:

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., on Wednesday struggled to explain his opposition to the Republican tax overhaul, conceding in a local radio interview that it contains “some good things” that could benefit his state. “There’s some good in this bill. I acknowledge that,” Manchin said, when West Virginia radio talk show host Hoppy Kercheval asked the senator why he opposed legislation that will benefit the “vast majority” of taxpayers and businesses in the state. “The things that you mention are correct. Initially people will benefit and see some changes in their taxes,” Manchin admitted…At times, it appeared that Manchin was wrestling with his answers, trying to justify his “no” vote without being too critical, and antagonizing Trump…Trump still has high approval ratings in West Virginia, a state he won over Democrat Hillary Clinton by nearly 42 percentage points. The senator could face blowback for voting against a measure Trump championed — and that was supported by the Republicans in his state. If voters in the working class-dominated state come to embrace the tax bill, Manchin’s re-election challenges could intensify. And it’s not just him. Democratic senators from Republican-leaning states facing similar potential hurdles over their opposition include Claire McCaskill of Missouri; Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota; and Joe …….


Manchin: So, it Looks Like the Tax Bill I Voted Against Will — Um — Help A Lot of West Virginians – Guy Benson

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