Senator Sessions: Obamatrade Can STILL Be Killed #TPP

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama – who led the revolt against fast-track and TPP – wants Americans to understand TPP can still be killed.

As Reported By Breitbart News:

In an exclusive interview on Breitbart News Sunday Sirius XM radio with Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, Sessions was asked: “Is there any way for [TPP] to be defeated… in the United States Senate?” Sessions answered that yes, it is “possible” to kill the TPP bill.

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Senator Sessions says that despite the procedural fact that Congress has ceded its Constitutional powers, it would be possible to generate enough opposition to stop TPP from getting the needed majority vote:

I think it’s possible. When they passed fast track, they got 60 votes… The treaty itself now is no longer subject to supermajority or filibuster. It will pass with a simple majority. It cannot be amended: it’ll be brought up one day and voted on the next day with no amendments– up or down. And in the past, they’ve always passed. And I think that will be what experts will tell you today, but I think the American people are getting more and more uneasy about the effect of trade and the promises that our trading partners are going to comply with their part of the bargain and that we’re all going to benefit have not been real…

Even what I read was not the complete final treaty, they were still negotiating… the final words on it. All we had was the basic outline and what they had agreed to at that point… A senator or a congressman, who voted to fast track it could still very easily say, “But, I didn’t see the treaty then, I’m going to read it now and if it doesn’t serve American interests I’m not going to vote for it.”

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