Senior Trump Advisor trying to blow up the Dreamers amnesty deal with Dems

Stephen Miller is U.S. President Donald Trump’s senior advisor for policy and may be making the DREAM Act a nightmare sausage for Congress to deal with. It may appear to some that he is trying to sabotage the deal by making it too toxic for Dems or the GOP to even touch. What is he trying to accomplish? There is a motive and it is focused on the long-term deal and not something that can be overturned by the next liberal in the White House. Read this and see the plan.

As Written By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

My goodness. CNNMcClatchyHuffPostPolitico — there sure are a lot of media outlets fielding calls from unhappy Hill staffers about Stephen Miller and the DREAM deal over the last few days.

To congressional Republicans, what Miller’s trying to do is sabotage a deal by stuffing it so full of politically toxic poison pills that Democrats will choke and half the GOP caucus will walk away. To you and I, what Miller’s trying to do is extract truly meaningful enforcement measures as the price of amnestying DREAMers. Right now the GOP’s ask is “border security,” which deals with one limited facet of illegal immigration and can be undone later to some extent by a Democratic White House. Miller’s thinking bigger picture, knowing that this may be the last shot at any sort of immigration deal for years.

But is it true that his demands would kill a deal if Trump backs him up? Sure. No way will Democrats consider them unless amnesty for *all* illegals inside the U.S. is on the table, which would make this the mother of all comprehensive reform deals. Here’s Miller’s wish list, via CNN:

Among the White House “principles” in exchange for a DACA fix that Miller and the White House are asking for include making it more difficult for legal residents of the US to bring in family members from their counties of origin. This measure is opposed by Democrats and divide even Republicans.

There are also principles outlined in a rebranded version of the proposed SAFE Act, a highly controversial bill from 2013-2014. These measures would give state and local law enforcement boards authority to enforce immigration laws, allowing states to craft their……


Republicans grumble: Stephen Miller’s trying to blow up the DREAM amnesty deal with Democrats – Hot Air Hot Air

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