Sgt Schultz ignorance in Hillary email case

The State Department under secretary for management, record keeping, Patrick Kennedy, just did his best Sgt. Schultz impression during a deposition with Judicial Watch.

Not surprising, really, as that is about all you get from the State Department these days. They “know nothing” when it comes to how Hillary Clinton ran the department during her tenure. Heck, he sounds like he did not even know she had an email address, much less a private one. 

Patrick Kennedy

As Written By SARAH WESTWOOD for the Washington Examiner

A senior State Department official in charge of record-keeping during Hillary Clinton’s time in office said he did not know whether Clinton was authorized to use a personal email account.

Patrick Kennedy, the agency’s undersecretary for management, said he did not realize the significance of Clinton’s private email use during her tenure. He admitted to exchanging more than two dozen emails with Clinton on her personal account.

Full Story Continues Here:

Record keeper pleads ignorance in Clinton private server case | Washington Examiner

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