Shadow government employees using unauthorized text encryption

The shadow government employees are alive and well in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Why else would a group of employees use private encryption applications on government cellphones? This is most likely a violation of federal law.

That now causes the question of why did they need this encryption? Are we going to find out what was the contents of these texts that they wanted no one to see? The group involved in this activity calls themselves “Dumbledore’s Army,” and they appear to be in resistance to any of the President’s programs. 

As Written and Reported By Joe Simonson for the Daily Caller:

Over a dozen Consumer Financial Protection Bureau employees have downloaded encrypted messaging applications on government-issued phones and are potentially violating federal law, according to documents obtained by the Cause of Action Institute and provided exclusively to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

This demonstrates a culture of secrecy within some segments of the agency’s staff under President Donald Trump.

The Cause of Action Institute (CoA), a nonprofit dedicated to government transparency, received the documents in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request following a December New York Times article describing a cohort of agency employees who are conspiring to undermine acting director and Trump appointee Mick Mulvaney’s agenda. The individuals call themselves “Dumbledore’s Army,” named after a group of fictional wizards in the children’s series “Harry Potter.”

The different apps include popular ephemeral messaging app Snapchat and encrypted messaging apps Signal, WhatsApp along with others.

The Federal Records Act requires federal agencies to preserve the records of anything that relates to a government employee’s duties. An amendment was added in Nov. 2014 that defines all “electronic messages” as official records covered by the……


CFPB Staff Using Private Messaging Apps | The Daily Caller

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