SHAMEFUL: Veterans Choices Dwindle

Congress and the VA rack another failure to the nation’s veterans this week. In another massive financial boondoggle, they ran through $1.1 Billion, with a “B” American taxpayer dollars and ran out of money for the Choice program. This latest failure is an indictment of the management of the Veterans Administration and Congress. This saga has now been going on for decades and all promises have turned out to be like all political promises – worthless. The Republicans were put into the power of the Presidency and both houses of Congress with the idea that they would accomplish something. Like all political promises, they have turned out to have little value. Wake up America and rid the swamp of politicians.

As Written By Dave Boyer for The Washington Times:

Marine Corps veteran Nancy Brown qualifies for a program that allows her to see a private doctor because she lives about 60 miles from the nearest VA hospital in Richmond, Virginia, but she was turned down recently when she sought an appointment to treat her ailing knee.

“There are no more referrals,” said Ms. Brown, 57, of Fredericksburg, Virginia. “They’re denying it now, telling people they can’t see you. What are veterans to do?”

The popular Veterans Choice Program, created after the 2014 health care scandal in the Department of Veterans Affairs, is designed to give veterans more treatment options if they can’t get an appointment at a VA facility within 30 days or they live more than 40 miles from the nearest VA hospital. But the program is running out of money.

The VA initially projected that Veterans Choice would be running a surplus of $1.1 billion by Aug. 7. But VA Secretary David J. Shulkin surprised lawmakers last month when he revealed that the money is expected to run dry by mid-August because of unexpectedly high demand…….


VA limits Choice for veterans’ care as funds run dry – Washington Times

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