Sheriff Clarke SPOT ON Description of the Media!

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has never been one to mince words and when it comes to the media, he has a few words for their complicity.

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As Written By Alex Nitzberg for Accuracy in Media:

Calling coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement “pathetic,” Sheriff David Clarke told AIM that the media have “… become the propaganda wing or the propaganda machine of the Democrat party. So they’re now heavily steeped into politics and because of it they cannot objectively report stuff, they have to do it with a slant or with a bias …”

He responded to Black Lives Matter’s statement blaming the Orlando terror attack on “white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, and militarism,” describing it as “… the typical garbage that goes on after incidents like this,” also adding, “that’s why I said these people are sick. They know there isn’t one piece of that that’s true, but they don’t care about the truth.” ….

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Sheriff Clarke Describes Media As “Propaganda Machine”

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