Sheriff David Clarke Rejects this Anti-Cop Term

Police officers fear being prosecuted for performing their duties said Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke.



As Written By Alex Nitzberg for Accuracy in Media:

Police officers fear being prosecuted for performing their duties Sheriff David Clarke explained saying, “…they’re not afraid to do their job, but they’re afraid of … the United States Department of Justice and their jack-booted goon lawyers at the civil rights division who have the American police officer in their crosshairs.”

While the Black Lives Matter movement advances a “police brutality” narrative, Sheriff Clarke states that “ … the US DOJ civil rights division sees the American police officer as the enemy and they just see the criminals as victims.”

Officers now risk their reputation, livelihood, and liberty for doing their job, and this hostile environment discourages law enforcement professionals from practicing the “assertive policing” that Sheriff Clarke describes as “ … the best tactic you can use to keep the criminals on their heels. Stuff like stop, question, and frisk is assertive policing.”

Noting the fact that the police have historically faced similar hostilities, he said “ … the difference between now and …..

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Sheriff David Clarke Rejects the Term “Police Brutality”

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