Sheriff in New York Tells Governor Cuomo What He Can Do With His Executive Orders

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is one of the nations leading social justice warriors. Yesterday he signed an executive order that will prevent law enforcement officers from ever inquiring about immigration status. He may have banned the use of the word immigration for all I know. However, Sheriffs are elected officials and can march to their own drums if they want to. Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard does not appear to be receptive to that order as you can read here.

As Written By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

Yesterday New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order barring law enforcement officials from inquiring about the citizenship status of suspects during investigations. It would also apply to other state agencies outside of law enforcement in most cases. In other words, rather than just refusing to cooperate with ICE when they seek to deport illegal aliens, Cuomo is raising the bar and basically pretending that we don’t even have any immigration laws.

While I’m sure there were plenty of Social Justice Warriors in New York City cheering the announcement, it didn’t go over so well with everyone. That includes Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard. While most of Cuomo’s liberal base is found in New York City and the lower Hudson Valley, Erie County is in the furthest northwestern corner of the state, including the City of Buffalo. The Sheriff had a few things to say about the executive order and he made those feelings clear when he told his troops to ignore the Governor and keep enforcing the law as usual. (WGRZ News)


NY Sheriff tells governor he can keep his executive orders to himself – Hot Air Hot Air


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