“Smoking Gun” pointed at the DOJ!

Did you ever wonder what happens to those big dollar settlements when the DOJ gets those big fines on those big corporations? If you are like me you think that all that money goes back into the general fund and is used to help the budget. Did you know that the Obama administration was using it as a slush fund?

These fines and fees were not put back into the general fund and the administration awarded the money to nonprofit organizations. Even then, that did not sound like such a bad idea. Enter the Obama administration and they get to decide who gets the money. Was it fair and balanced? Not hardly. Here is what the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., has uncovered.

As Written By Alex Pappas for Fox News:

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee claims he obtained a “smoking gun” email that proves the Obama Justice Department prevented settlement payouts from going to conservative-leaning organizations, even as liberal groups were awarded money and DOJ officials denied “picking and choosing” recipients.

“It is not every day in congressional investigations that we find a smoking gun,” Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said Tuesday. “Here, we have it.”

While Eric Holder was U.S. attorney general, the Justice Department allowed prosecutors to strike agreements compelling big companies to give money to outside groups not connected to their cases to meet settlement burdens. Republican lawmakers long have decried those payments as a “slush fund” that boosted liberal groups, and the Trump DOJ ended the practice earlier this year.

But internal Justice Department emails released Tuesday by Goodlatte indicated that not only were officials involved in determining what organizations would get the money, but also Justice Department officials may have intervened to make sure the settlements didn’t go to conservative groups…….


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