Snowden Leak Closed This VERY Valuable Intelligence Window Putting Nation At Risk

Snowden’s leaks showed ISIS and other terrorist how to stay under the radar and avoid detection by showing NSA capabilities. Our ability to gather intelligence was diminished and dried up. You can praise him however you want, but this should not go unreported.


The former deputy director of the CIA says in a new book that the NSA contractor’s disclosures allowed the forerunners of the terrorist group to evade electronic surveillance. 

Edward Snowden’s leaks about U.S. intelligence operations “played a role in the rise of ISIS.” That’s the explosive new allegation from the former deputy director of the CIA, Michael Morell, who was among the United States’ most senior intelligence officials when Snowden began providing highly classified documents to journalists in 2013.

U.S. intelligence officials have long argued that Snowden’s disclosures provided valuable insights to terrorist groups and nation-state adversaries, including China and Russia, about how the U.S. monitors communications around the world. But in his new memoir, to be published next week, Morell raises the stakes of that debate by directly implicating Snowden in the expansion of ISIS, which broke away from al Qaeda and has conquered large swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria.

“Within weeks of the leaks, terrorist organizations around the world were already starting to modify their actions in light of what Snowden disclosed.


CIA’s Ex-No. 2 Says ISIS ‘Learned From Snowden’ – The Daily Beast


Snowden Leak Closed This VERY Valuable Intelligence Window

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