Social Networking Giant, YouTube Strikes AGAIN!

The social networking giant, YouTube, has struck again. The YouTube network has made billions and billions by monetizing the videos of all its users and followers. It is their ball, and they can pretty much make up the rules as they go along. Free speech, or in this case – videos, is what they say it is and when they say it is. It is all controlled by the Mighty Algorithm. 

The videos that came flooding onto YouTube were filled with more TinFoil Hat episodes that weekday afternoon soap operas. Some of it was blatantly false, and some of it was asking relevant questions. Most users could figure out which was which. Those that couldn’t you cannot help anyway. 

The social network giant implemented a shoot from the hip call. They would prioritize videos only trusted sources. All other videos would be buried in the background, somewhere, under a rock. Who are these trusted sources? Better question: Who is not a Trusted Source?

As Written By Aaron Colen for The Blaze:

YouTube has changed its search algorithm to ensure that only sources it deems “authoritative” show up at the top of search results, but has not revealed how it determines which sources are considered authoritative and which aren’t.

Why the change?

In the days following the Las Vegas shooting, many videos appeared presenting “conspiracy theories” or misinformation. Some examples of suppressed videos are those that promote the idea that the shooting was staged by the government to promote gun control, that there was a second shooter, or that claim the shooter represented anti-fascist or anti-Trump or far-right groups or interests.

Now, when you search “Las Vegas shooting” on YouTube, only mainstream media sources show up on the first pages. The so-called “conspiracy” videos are still on YouTube, but they can be much more difficult to find.

Potential punishment

YouTube policy allows for the company to take down accounts that receive more than three strikes…..


YouTube is filtering out stories on the Las Vegas shooting – Here’s why – TheBlaze

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