Special Counsel Mueller Hires Clinton Foundation Lawyer

If you’re going to go out of your way to lose credibility then yes totally hire someone connected to the Clinton Foundation. Surely Mueller had BETTER OPTIONS? At least one would think, as well connected as he is. This just reminds me of mob-mentality… keep it in the “family” and these actions presented below clearly show some sort of “plot” or ploy at work, don’t you think ?

As Written By Ian Mason for Breitbart:

Reputed Trump confidant and Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy told PBS News’s Judy Woodruff Monday that President Donald Trump is considering dismissing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, according to a tweet by Woodruff.

The news comes on the eve of Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee on the Russia investigation. This follows a hearing featuring the testimony of fired FBI director James Comey before the same body.

Mueller — who, on his appointment by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, took independent control of the investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 elections — had a shadow cast on his impartiality when Comey, a one-time mentee of Mueller’s who succeeded him at the Bureau, revealed under oath that he deliberately leaked a potentially privileged memo to the press specifically to ensure the appointment of a special counsel.

The ploy worked. Rosenstein, who was handling the investigation because Sessions had already recused himself based on his involvement in the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, came under immense political pressure to appoint a special counsel. Mueller was quickly applauded as an impartial choice by voices across the political spectrum.

Since his appointment, he has made …….


Swamp Fights Back: Mueller Hires Clinton Foundation Lawyer for Russia Probe – Breitbart

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