Special Counsel Mueller Widens His Witch Hunt

As many conservatives have predicted Special counsel Robert Mueller has widened his witch hunt. After hiring a few dozen liberal lawyers, all contributors to the Hillary Clinton campaign, he is driving his investigation far and wide in order to find anything that he can use against President Donald Trump and his staff.  He has had the FBI conduct a raid on Paul Manaforts house. Manafort is President Trump’s campaign manager. He continues to attempt to make a case against Mike Flynn over alleged collusion with the Russians. Everyone knows that the Russian story was contrived by the Hillary Campaign staff right after the election. They need something quick to blame her unexplainable (to them) loss in the election. 

Mr. Mueller has now decided to reach inside the White House and start reading their emails on the subject. This seems to be a great overreach on any level. Congress needs to step in and do something or they will wind up with a Constitutional crisis on their hands. The days of kangaroo courts were done away with long ago. Somebody needs to protect the President that We The People elected. Or suffer the consequences.

As Written By Diana Staney Correll for the Washington Examiner:

Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating more details concerning former national security adviser Mike Flynn and what White House officials knew about his federal investigation at the beginning of 2017, according to a report Wednesday.

Mueller has indicated his team plans to interview White House officials and additionally, his team asked for documents concerning Flynn and a Justice Department warning about Flynn’s ties to a Russian diplomat, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Mueller’s probe, which was started on the premise of investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin, is reportedly looking into whether President Trump and other officials attempted to thwart the Russia investigation……


Robert Mueller requests more details about Mike Flynn investigation

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