Special Counsel Robert Mueller needs to be questioned on the Gates deal

Here is a good look at why Special Counsel Robert Mueller needs to be questioned on the Gates deal. Robert Gates and Paul Manafort were racking up the charges of hundreds of millions of dollars in tax fraud and money laundering charges, They had not registered foreign bank accounts nor had they registered as representatives of foreign interests. They were facing up to 300 years in prison for all these charges. Now they are in line for a slap on the wrist for all this. What in the Sam Hill is going on here? Read on.

As Written and Reported By Andrew C. McCarthy for the National Review:

These columns have many times observed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s failure to set limits on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. To trigger the appointment of a special counsel, federal regulations require the Justice Department to identify the crimes that warrant investigation and prosecution — crimes that the Justice Department is too conflicted to investigate in the normal course; crimes that become the parameters of the special counsel’s jurisdiction.

Rosenstein, instead, put the cart before the horse: Mueller was invited to conduct a fishing expedition, a boundless quest to hunt for undiscovered crimes, rather than an investigation and prosecution of known crimes.

That deviation, it turns out, is not the half of it. With Rosenstein’s passive approval, Mueller is shredding Justice Department charging policy by alleging earth-shattering crimes, then cutting a sweetheart deal that shields the defendant from liability for those crimes and from the penalties prescribed by Congress. The special counsel, moreover, has become a legislature unto himself, promulgating the new, grandiose crime of “conspiracy against the United States” by distorting the concept of “fraud.”

Why does the special counsel need to invent an offense to get a guilty plea? Why doesn’t he demand a plea to one of the several truly egregious statutory crimes he claims have been committed?

Good questions…….


Mueller Investigation: Gates Deal Violates Federal Policy | National Review


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