Special Counsel Robert Mueller vs. President Donald J. Trump is About to Blow Up 

Special Counsel Robert Mueller seems to be exceeding all expectations in his prosecution, and not the investigation of President Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort. The heavy-handed approach against Manafort seems designed to intimidate and to find anything that can be used against him. By proxy, this will be an attack on President Trump as well. The President is a fighter. How much longer will Trump remain sitting quietly on this?

As Written By Chris Stirewalt for Fox News:

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We have always known that someday the cold war between President Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller would break into open conflict, and that day seems to be soon upon us.

An eye-popping report from the NYT takes us inside the prosecution of former Trump campaign Chairman Paul Manafort.

And a prosecution it most assuredly is.

The story opens with the dramatic scene of agents picking the lock on Manafort’s front door to let themselves in for a pre-dawn raid related to his formerly undisclosed work for Kremlin-tied clients.

More important, though, the story includes the revelation that Mueller’s prosecutors explicitly told Manafort that they planned to indict him.

We had known before that the raid was part of aggressive tactics prosecutors are using against Manafort, who was already in trouble with the Feds for his work on behalf of shady foreign clients before he ever went to work for Trump.

But the intensity with which Mueller & Co. are cranking the meat grinder into which Manafort is now being fed tells us a great deal, and it would seem that things are about to get pretty crazy in Washington.

One of the best developments for the Trump White House has been that with the arrival of competent managers and an experienced legal team, the flow of near-daily leaks and blabber about the investigation has trailed off.

Even as Trump was complaining about the media’s undeniable obsession with the Russia probe, he and his team were serving up near-daily doses of that powerful elixir.

The Russia chatter also quieted down because Mueller substantially wrestled control of the subject away from the nattering popinjays of Congress. One of the problems that have plagued this debate from the beginning has been that many members of Congress have …….


Mueller v. Trump is about to blow up | Fox News

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