Steelers Offensive Lineman Alejandro Villanueva apologizing? What the heck for?

Alejandro Villanueva will forever be remembered as the lone Pittsburg Steeler who stood for the National Anthem on Sunday. He is a decorated war hero with three tours in Afghanistan. This man owes no one an apology. To his great honor, he is also a team player. He holds dear the ideas of the Team. It is what you do in the military. So how did he come to the feeling that he need apologize. It appears that he was not supposed to stand alone and some strange stuff happened. read more here.

As Written By Guy Benson for Townhall:

How’s this for a heart-sinking plot twist?  Offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueva – the ex-Army Ranger and Bronze Star recipient who was the only Pittsburgh Steeler to stand on the field in Chicago yesterday to honor the national anthem — is now expressing “embarrassment” over his actions.  After getting publicly rebuked by his head coach, Democratic donor Mike Tomlin, Villanueva is now explaining that he didn’t intend to defy his teammates’ plan to avoid the anthem spectacle by remaining off the field during the song.  I’ll admit, this made me feel a little bit sick at first blush, but keep reading:


Here’s the Post-Gazette’s coverage of these latest developments:

Alejandro Villanueva said he never intended to stand alone during the national anthem on Sunday and apologized to his teammates and coach Mike Tomlin for what he called “a very embarrassing” botching of the team’s pregame plan…“We butchered our plan”…Villanueva, an Army Ranger who was deployed in Afghanistan, said he asked quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and the rest of the team’s leaders to amend their original idea, agreed upon after a Saturday night team meeting, which was to stand in the locker room during the anthem in an attempted show of unity. Part of the reason Villanueva pushed for change: he’d received texts from wounded veterans asking him to stand for the anthem. Villanueva’s suggestion, he said, was to stand with Roethlisberger and the team’s other captains at the front of the tunnel. That didn’t work out due to, as Roethlisberger said, pregame “chaos” in a small area, and Villanueva was left to stand alone with his teammates about 20 feet behind him…The ……


Wait, Why is Alejandro Villanueva Apologizing to His Teammates and Coach? – Guy Benson

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