Stephen Miller Defends Executive Order and NAILS IT! [Video]

In this video, Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor to President Donald Trump takes it to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on judiciary overreach, deportations, and also the North Korean missile test. Mr. Miller is very articulate and well versed in the subjects that George Stephanopoulos tried to nail him with. Great interview.

As Written By Kaitlan Collins for the Daily Caller:

Stephen Miller argued that a judge cannot singlehandedly strike down the president’s executive order on immigration because we “have equal branches of government in this country.”

After a three-judge panel with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit unanimously ruled to reject the Justice Department’s request to lift a Seattle judge’s restraining order on President Trump’s immigration order this week, his senior policy adviser said that the judicial branch is “not supreme.”

“The point I want to make to you, George, and the point I want to make to your listeners, is that we have equal branches of government in this country,” Miller told George Stephanopoulos during ……..


Stephen Miller Defends Executive Order On ‘This Week’ Video | The Daily Caller

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