Steve Bannon Speaks! Tells Trump To Fight

Steve Bannon, at one time a right-hand man to Donald Trump is urging the President to put u a fight with the Department of Justice. Bannon wants the President to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Most political analysts do not see this as a good move by the President. The conservative media is all for it. The Democrats would love it for the opportunity it would provide them. Here is what would happen in the GOP if that went down. 

As Written and Reported By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

Why is Steve Bannon “Suddenly calling for Trump to fire Rod Rosenstein?”


I say “suddenly” because Bannon was one of the big critics of the decision to fire James Comey, remember. It was Jared Kushner who allegedly urged Trump to drop the axe on him over stern warnings from Bannon that it would risk wrecking Trump’s presidency. Bannon later called it the biggest mistake in modern political history on “60 Minutes.” Now here he is babbling to WaPo about how it’s time to fire Rod Rosenstein, fire attorney Ty Cobb, and, ah, assert executive privilege retroactively over information volunteered by White House aides to Mueller on the theory that the president got terrible advice from his lawyers in not insisting that they assert it before.

I hope Trump listens to him, as I’d love to see our billionaire president argue “ineffective assistance of counsel” to a judge. That’s something you usually hear from a poor convict who got stuck with a public defender who didn’t defend him as vigorously as he should have. Imagine the most powerful man in the world, allegedly worth north of 10 digits and able to hire any attorney under the sun, trying to assert it as a form of buyer’s remorse over his legal team.


Why is Steve Bannon suddenly calling for Trump to fire Rod Rosenstein?


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