Steve Scalise Makes Valid Point About Nancy Pelosi’s New Found Vocalization for DACA

House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi is under a lot of criticism for her grandstanding speech in the House of Representatives. She took advantage of her privilege as Minority Leader to monopolize the floor of the House for over eight hours. Her purpose was to attempt to get some immigration legislation attached to the spending bill. It did not work. As a matter of fact, her campaign for the Dreamers and DACA went against her. She has been criticized from both sides of the aisle. Here are the details of her discomfort.

As Written and Reported By Cortney O’Brien for Townhall:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made history this week with her 8 hour, 7 minute filibuster demanding a debate on DACA. Social media users appreciated her effort, starting the trend #GoNancyGo. She then voted “no” on the congressional budget deal that ultimately passed and ended the brief government shutdown Friday.

We have “always expected” that the budget bill would address DACA, Pelosi said, explaining her rejection of the deal.

Where was this urgency when she was Speaker of the House? Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) wondered.


“If Minority Leader Pelosi was that serious about it, she would’ve handled this more directly when she was speaker of the House,” Scalise told reporters on Capitol Hill Thursday.

The Democrats never brought a bill to the floor before losing the majority, he added.

Fox News contributor and Democratic pollster Doug Schoen pushed back at Scalise’s narrative, noting the “Gang of Eight” effort in 2013 when a bipartisan group of senators sought a solution on immigration reform. While their bill passed the Senate, it stalled in the House…..


Scalise: Where Is Pelosi’s New DACA Push Coming From? – Cortney O’Brien


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