Stormy Daniels Laywer threatens Daily Caller reporters with a lawsuit over ‘hit pieces’

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for porn star Smokey Daniels, has decided to take on the Daily Caller over some articles that have been written about him. He goes on the offensive as his form of defense. Does he have a case?



As Written and Reported By Anna Giaritelli for the Washington Examiner:

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing porn star Stormy Daniels, on Monday threatened to sue Daily Caller reporters if they continue to write “hit pieces” about him, hours after the publication wrote that Avenatti never paid a former business associate more than $160,000 for coffee beans.

This morning, Avenatti emailed Daily Caller reporter Peter J. Hasson and threatened to sue if he continued to publish “hit pieces” against him.

“Off the Record … If you and your colleagues do not stop with the hit pieces that are full of lies and defamatory statements, I will have no choice but to sue each of you and your publication for defamation,” Avenatti wrote in an email to reporter Peter Hasson.

“During that process, we will expose your publication for what it truly is. We will also recover significant damages against each of you that participated personally. So if I were you, I would tell Mr. Trump to find someone else to fabricate things about me. If you think I’m kidding, you really don’t know anything about me. This is the last warning,” he added.



Michael Avenatti threatens to sue Daily Caller reporters over ‘hit pieces’


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