Sun Sentinel Article on – Allen West’s pastor Scott Eynon – He also gave opening prayer in the House

By William E. Gibson, Washington Bureau


Pastor Scott Eynon prayed with Allen West when the Republican from Plantation ran his first race for Congress in 2008, and lost.

The two men prayed again for God’s guidance on election night in 2010, when West drew national fame by winning a hotly contested seat in Broward and Palm Beach counties. And every night at 10 p.m., Eynon’s mobile phone sounds an alarm to remind him to pray for Congressman West.

Eynon’s role as spiritual adviser reached a pinnacle Wednesday, when he stood at a podium reserved for chaplains and presidents on the floor of the U.S. House to deliver the day’s opening prayer.

The senior pastor of the Community Christian Church of Tamarac prayed for God’s blessings for those who serve the nation, including members of Congress. “We also thank you for the problems that come up,” he said. “They make us even more dependent upon you, for your guidance and for your strength.”

Eynon is one of a few South Florida ministers and rabbis who over the years have delivered the House prayer — a time when faith and government intermingle. For West, it was especially significant because his pastor has been a close confidant during his stunning rise from political obscurity to conservative stardom.

The pastor, 50, got to know West six years ago when the church was near the congressman’s home in Plantation. The church has since moved to Tamarac, where about 2,000 attend services each week and provide aid to poor children in South Florida, Haiti, Kenya and elsewhere.




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