Surveillance Video Has Authorities Thinking Nuclear Reactors May Be ISIS Next Target

As if there wasn’t enough to worry about, the authorities in Belgium fear that ISIS’ next attack will be on a nuclear reactor. Why? because they have the hours or surveillance of a currently held terrorist. Read more on this article below.


As Written By JACOB BOJESSON, The Daily Caller:

Belgian authorities fear the Islamic State’s next move after obtaining hours of surveillance footage of a senior nuclear official at the apartment of an alleged terrorist.

Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure Wednesday reported that the footage was found in a raid of Mohamed Bakkali’s Brussels apartment. Bakkali is held on charges of terrorist activity and murder for his alleged involvement in the Nov. 13 Paris attacks, which took 130 lives.

It is unclear why Bakkali targeted the official, but Belgian politicians now fear the Islamic State may have much larger targets in mind.

Edwin Lyman, senior scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that an attack on a nuclear power plant could have catastrophic consequences, but also, thankfully, require extensive knowledge of the target.




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