Allen West “If you think of only ONE thing today, I pray it is this”

Steadfast and Loyal.  An Easter Sunday message from LTC Allen B. West. As Written By Allen B. West: Good Sunday morning everyone and I suppose I should say Happy Easter, but that has been so horribly commercialized into being a time for sales and bunny rabbits. What today truly represents is Blessed Resurrection Day. That’s […]

Allen West: Leading With A Servants Heart

This week we talk leadership with Allen West on The Hook. How to be a leader and how to build up leaders with in your organization. Leading with a servants heart.  A powerful and uplifting look on building leaders.

ISIS just taught Obama a CRUEL lesson about economics 

It’s not just about killing. As Written By Allen B. West: So, we were going to degrade, defeat, destroy, and achieve all the other grand lofty rhetorical declarations against ISIS as espoused by President Barack Obama — and reiterated by his loyal court jester and mouthpiece Josh Earnest. And after more than a year when […]

We just learned the TRUTH about Obama’s immigration practices… 

We all know the Obama administration’s doing a horrific job at national security and foreign policy, as evidenced by Russian, Chinese and Iranian belligerence. Written By Allen B. West: Along with the rise of the most savage and brutal of Islamic jihadists, ISIS. We also know that during the Obama administration we’ve witnessed a marked increase […]

Allen West “JROTC programs are at risk of closing their doors”

by Allen West for The Allen West Foundation Aside from the strong guidance of my parents, I credit one organization for my success. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the JROTC. There weren’t a lot of choices available to an inner-city kid like me growing up in Atlanta. I could’ve ended up on the streets […]

Allen B. West Official Website Launches! Come Check it Out!

OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF ALLEN B. WEST LAUNCHES CLICK HERE TO VIEW & SUBSCRIBE New website is live: Sign up 4 r weekly wrap-ups & get more ammo 4 r principled fight to preserve this Republic — Allen West (@AllenWest) October 17, 2013

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Allen West “Will America continue to lead, or will declining math and science skills take it’s toll on our future prosperity? “

Col. Allen B. West and Michelle Fields are joined by President and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Organization, Marion C. Blakey, to discuss the opportunities for the next generation of Americans in the fields pushing technological advancement. Will America continue to lead, or will declining math and science skills take it’s toll on our future prosperity? CLICK […]
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