Pentagon Official Alleged to be Helping Dems Against Benghazi Committee?

A political appointee to the Pentagon appears to be the point man in the stonewalling of the Benghazi committee.  Stephen Hedger, Assistant Secretary for Defense for Legislative Affairs, is the author of a letter complaining about the expense of the Benghazi Committee to the Pentagon. What his letter has revealed is that this is either a lie or the […]

Emails Tie White House DIRECTLY to Benghazi Coverup [VIDEO]

The really damning part of the release of this Benghazi information comes from looking at the time line. At the time of this email, three days later, the Obama administration knew it was a terrorist attack and not spontaneous. The tone of the email shows that the only important thing was not to let Obama policies […]

Why Hillary is Unfit to be President

The debate will continue over the multiple reasons why Hillary Clinton should or should not become the President of the United States of America. Yes, there are, in fact, multiple reasons that need to be and must be considered. This election cycle started out to be an inauguration of Hillary for the Democrat Party. It has devolved into […]

Just Where did that Benghazi Testimony Come From? [VIDEO]

Just where did the testimony by Rice and Rhodes on Benghazi come from? Former Ambassador John Bolton weighs in on the most recent information that has come to light. Catherine Herridge reports below the video. Don’t miss this! Watch the latest video at As Written By Catherine Herridge and first appeared on Fox News: […]

Benghazi ‘Smoking Gun’ Email Unmasks Hillary

Touted by Fox News as a “possible smoking gun,” the email from Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s chief of staff shows that special operations teams within a few hours flight from Benghazi were preparing to deploy as early as 7 PM Washington time on the night of the attacks, well within the time needed to […]

Obama Attempting Another Benghazi On San Bernardino Attack

War On Terror: The victims’ bodies weren’t cold in San Bernardino before President Obama suggested it wasn’t terrorism, asserting “no parallel anywhere else in the world.” The mendacious spirit of Benghazi lives. As Reported By Investors Business Daily: President Obama has launched another Benghazi fabrication. After that Sept. 11, 2012, attack, fearing that an Islamist […]

Clinton Emails: It Looks Like She Was An Architect Of The Benghazi Lie

The White House tale that the Benghazi attacks were caused by a video was a lie. Still unclear was Clinton’s role in fabricating the story. But that’s clearing up now. AS REPORTED BY INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY: Corruption: The White House’s tale that the Benghazi terrorist attacks were caused by a video was long ago revealed […]


“She’s a scumbag, in my opinion,” said Ben Doherty in an interview with NECN published to coincide with Clinton’s testimony on Thursday before the House Select Committee on Benghazi. Via Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft: “Well I think that she pulled all the troops out of the embassy, he had no backup. He burnt alive. She […]

CIA: Secret source in Hillary Clinton email was no secret 

CIA: Secret source in Hillary Clinton email was no secret By Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON (Reuters) The CIA has told Congress that the name of an alleged secret agency source, mentioned but then partially redacted by the U.S. State Department from an email received on Hillary Clinton’s private server was not considered by the agency to be […]

Allen West: This is a Time of Danger and Division

Allen West “This is a Time of Danger and Division” “It is ironic that we are about to remember 9/11, both in 2001, and in 2012 with Benghazi on the day the Iran nuclear resolution is being considered by Congress,” former Florida congressman Allen B. West said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart Texas. As […]

Coincidental Timing For Hillary’s Email Gap?

As Reported By The Daily Beast: Among the approximately 2,000 emails that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has released from her private account, there is a conspicuous two-month gap. There are no emails between Clinton and her State Department staff during May and June 2012, a period of escalating violence in Libya leading up […]

Another Day, Another Smoking Gun Against ‘Teflon’ Hillary #Benghazi

Judicial Watch: Secret Emails Show Hillary Clinton Tied To Benghazi Talking Points (Washington, DC) Reported by Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch announced today that newly revealed testimony from the Obama State Department under court order directly ties Hillary Clinton, for the first time, to the now-debunked Benghazi talking points used by United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice […]

Hillary’s Email Story Unravels Further – Here’s The Difference It Makes

In The Wall Street Journal, Kimberley Strassel writes now that we know she edited the emails before turning them over, the entire record is suspect. Clinton scandals have a way of bumping and rolling along to a point where nobody can remember why there was any outrage to begin with. So in the interest of […]

New emails show possible Benghazi deception by Hillary Clinton, Obama admin

By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Monday, June 22, 2015 Congress released nearly 200 pages of newly uncovered emails involving former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, raising questions Monday about whether the Obama administration and the Democratic presidential candidate herself were truthful when they said they turned over all of her email […]

House GOP Just Put Big Bite Behind Gowdy’s Bark Over State Dept Foot-Drag On Benghazi

by Norvell Jones for Western Journalism Chairman Trey Gowdy and Republican members of his House committee investigating the Benghazi attacks have long complained that Obama’s State Department has been dragging its feet in responding to a number of subpoenas demanding documents related to the deadly assault in 2012. The committee has been loudly complaining that […]

GOWDY: Benghazi Committee WANTS Huma Abedin and Clinton Aides!

AS REPORTED BY ROLL CALL: The Republican chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Friday defended the pace of his panel’s year-old investigation into the 2012 terror attack and announced plans to interview three top aides to former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., in a 15-page “Interim Progress […]

Score One For The Republicans! #Benghazi

Score one for the Republicans. BY ANITA KUMAR: McClatchy Washington Bureau The House committee investigating the fatal attacks in Benghazi, Libya announced Thursday that it had received 4,000 pages of new documents from the State Department. Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C. said he received the documents and notes from the State Department Benghazi Accountability Review Board, which […]

The Video That Could Rock Hillary Clinton’s Campaign OFF ITS FOUNDATION!

AmericaRising released an ad on Hillary Clinton. I usually don’t like, nor commentate on these kinds of ads. But this ad, is without a doubt, the most effective anti-campaign ad that I’ve ever seen. And it shows Conservatives the blueprint on how to beat Hillary. Attack the dishonesty. I’ve been saying this for years. Hillary Clinton […]

Hillary Clinton Fast Facts And Yes, THEY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Secrecy, controversy, scandal…WATCH & SHARE if you’re ready to Stop Hillary. Posted by Republican National Committee on Friday, April 10, 2015 THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Hillary Clinton is entering the presidential race in a cloud of scandal surrounding foreign contributions to the Clinton family foundation and her use of a private email account and server to […]