“Black Killings by Democrats, Then and Now” via @Theblacksphere

The Black Sphere: Black Killings by Democrats, Then and Now. They say that the Republican Party is made up of the racist Southern Democrats, known as Dixiecrats who hated black people, and who were responsible for the 3,446 deaths by the Klan in 86 years. PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO (SCROLL DOWN AFTER CLICKING THE LINK)  http://theblacksphere.net/2013/11/black-killings-democrats-now-video/#4JfQcIrCsux1BsLR.99

A Man of Principle for US Senate | Rep Tom Cotton | Allen West Guardian Fund

Do you want to take back the U.S. Senate? The Guardian Fund has endorsed freshman Congressman Tom Cotton of Arkansas in his bid for U.S. Senate against Mark Pryor, an entrenched Democrat. Tom is a rising star in the Republican Party and without a doubt one of the brightest spots in American politics today. The […]

Allen West Weekly Wrap Up Oct. 27, 2013 via allenbwest.com

What an incredible inaugural week for allenbwest.com. It was certainly better than that for healthcare.gov, and we want to thank you all for sharing your time with us. We’ll continue to provide you with concise assessments of critical issues affecting our economy, sports and culture, national security, and foreign policy. This week we’ve seen reversals from Democrats […]

Emails surface of egregious gerrymandering of Florida’s Congressional Districts| Wasserman-Shultz

via The Shark Tank and Washington Free Beacon The proverbial political cat is out of the bag for the Democratic Party, as emails obtained by our friends over at the Washington Free Beacon expose egregious gerrymandering of Florida’s congressional districts between Congresswoman Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee, Democratic consultants, and the Florida […]

Allen West “The NY Times is at it again, calling the GOP in disarray and racist”

by Allen West via Facebook Status Update It seems some writer at the NY Times is at it again, calling the GOP in disarray and racist. Perhaps this gent needs a little history lesson. The Democrat party gave America slavery, secession, segregation, and socialism. Jim Crow laws, poll tax, literacy tests, and providing women checks […]

Congressman Allen West On His Future

By CHARLES MAHTESIAN | 12/1/12 Florida Rep. and Tea Party favorite Allen West, who recently lost re-election to Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy, appeared on National Public Radio Friday.  Far from despondent, West spoke of Washington politics and his future role with his characteristic assertive, yet calm, tone. Politico relates the interview’s significant conclusion: MARTIN: So what’s next for you? […]

Rep. Allen West – SITEREP October 23, 2012

Dear Friends, I can feel it. Can you feel it too?  After Governor Romney’s terrific performance in last night’s debate, the momentum is on our side.  I am confident under a Romney presidency the United States will once again achieve “peace through strength.” In our neck of the woods, a poll released last week by Public Policy […]

NEW VIDEO NRCC – Congressman Allen West “This Is Our America”

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d41R8yurBgM] Published on Oct 23, 2012 by TheNRCC http://www.nrcc.org/west | For generations, we’ve understood that with a little hard work, nothing was beyond our grasp. It’s time we had a government that worked with us, and not against us. The “This is Our America” campaign shares stories from candidates and regular Americans around the country who are fired up […]

First LIVE Debate between Allen West and Patrick Murphy – Watch Live At This Link 8PM ET

DISTRICT 18 DEBATE Who: U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Palm Beach Gardens; Patrick Murphy, Jupiter Democrat What: Debate between Republican & Democrat candidates for Martin-St. Lucie-northern Palm Beach congressional district When: 8 p.m. Friday Where: Live coverage from the studio will air CLICK HERE: WPTV LIVE TV AT 8PM ET TO WATCH THE DEBATE LIVE NOTE: Patrick […]

The Allen West-Patrick Murphy poll has more Democrats supporting the Republican

by Andrew Abramson | October 8th, 2012 for Post on Politics The West-Murphy poll also had more Democrats supporting the Republican than Republicans supporting the Democrat. Of 350 Democrats polled, 15.1 percent said they would vote for West. Of 406 Republicans polled, 7.9 percent said they would vote for Murphy. West led Murphy 50.4 percent […]

Watch as Rep Allen West leads the fight against the radical left’s attack on God and Israel

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNQuT2worqc&feature=player_embedded] Published on Sep 6, 2012 by AllenWestForCongress Allen West is leading the fight against the radical left’s attack on God and Israel. Join the fight by contributing $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or $25 here: https://www.allenwestforcongress.com/contribute/ Dear Friends, Yesterday, caught in their attempt to quietly throw the Jewish State of Israel under the bus in their party platform, […]

Congressman Allen West released this statement regarding the Democrat Party platform:

Patrick Murphy’s Party Demonstrates True Colors with Israel Platform Turnabout “Caught in their attempt to quietly throw the Jewish State of Israel under the bus in their party platform, Patrick Murphy’s Democrats dragged their party faithful kicking, screaming and booing to a vote to re-instate pro-Jerusalem language and references to God. It was a cynical, […]

HELP SPONSOR Allen West’s Reception at the Republican National Convention

Dear Friends, Next week, Republicans from all across the nation will gather in Tampa. There, we’ll reaffirm our commitment to constitutional conservative principles and officially nominate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to end the failed policies of Barack Obama. I’ll be hosting a fundraising reception with supporters throughout Florida and all across the nation. I […]

Allen West’s Campaign Mgr Released this statement “First Murphy Hides Behind His Father, Now He is Hiding Behind Children”

Stuart, FL – Patrick Murphy followed up his father’s vile, racist attack ad today with another despicable ad–this time exploiting children.  West for Congress Campaign Manager Tim Edson released the following statement: “After hiding behind his father’s widely condemned racist attack ad portraying Allen West punching white women and stealing money from a black family, […]

Dr. Angela West Speaks Out

By: Dr. Angela West Dear Facebook Friends: First and foremost, I have been married to Allen West for over 23years. We have NEVER had a bout of violence. I am a wife, mother and businesswoman. During my marriage we have together accomplished a great deal, we married in graduate school and progressed through our professions. […]

EXCLUSIVE: Allen West supporters hold press conference, insist Murphy stop outrageous TV ad

By: Michele Kirk Source: BIZPAC Review Date: August 10, 2012 Victim advocates, women voters and law enforcement professionals gathered outside the Stuart campaign office of Republican Congressman Allen West this morning to demand that his Democratic opponent, Patrick Murphy, stop running a TV ad that depicts West punching elderly white women and stealing money from a black family. […]

Allen West on Fox and Friends Counter-Punches Super-PAC Ad Attack

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO Published on Aug 10, 2012 by RightSightings Recent Super-PAC ad depicts US Representative from Florida, Col. Allen West punching a senior citizen white woman. Where is the outcry from the black leaders? FNC’s Steve Doocy interviews West for his reaction to this latest in a never ending series of smear/attack ads from […]

As Attacks Continue to Mount: Rep Allen West Need’s Help Reaching July Goal

Fellow Patriot, There’s no disputing after what we’ve seen this month that I am the top target for the liberal unions and national Democrats. They’re gearing up, having already invested millions into Super PACS and attack groups ready to smear my military service and conservative record. We want to end the month strong but we’re […]