Another Marker on the road to the Decline of Western civilization

The City of London, by all accounts, will be electing a Muslim mayor. This is probably not surprising as London is a highly diverse city. Adding to this is the fact that the United Kingdom has had an open door policy for immigrants from the Middle East. This is another marker on the road to the decline […]

Does THIS Mean Socialism is now an Acceptable Form of Govt?

Bernie Sanders is considered electable by the vast majority of Democrat voters. Does this mean that Socialism is now an acceptable form of government for the vast majority of Democrat voters?  Or is this a referendum that Hillary Clinton is not even acceptable to her owns party’s voters? You be the judge and read the article below.  By LISA […]

Hillary Clinton Campaign On The Hunt For A Scapegoat?

Things are getting dicey in the Hillary Clinton campaign camp. South Carolina is getting too close to call and Nevada seems to be slipping away. Who could possibly be to blame for this slide from the inauguration Hillary was headed for? This look into the Hillary machine is enlightening and points out the logical choices. A very intriguing read.  As […]

Hillary Clinton’s Arf-Arf Analyzed

Dr. Deborah C Tyler, PHD,MA, is a Clinical Psychologist Specialist in Little River, South Carolina. She attended and graduated with honors from Case Western Reserve University School Of Medicine in 1977, having over 39 years of diverse experiences. In this article the Doctor is in and analyzes what she sees as the root causes of the […]
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