Allen West “MESSED UP: U.S. Just made new SICK deal with Iran”

Yes, this is truly a special kind of stupid, and it’s only a matter of time before we reap the consequences of this lunacy. ~ Allen West As Written By Allen B. West: Let’s establish this point before going ahead, an agreement is something “agreed” to by both parties. It involves some type of document, […]

Allen West “Obama’s ISIS Do-over Won’t Stop Terror” [VIDEO]

President Barack Obama re-addressed the nation on U.S. efforts against ISIS after last weeks oval office speech failed to allay concerns. Lt. Colonel Allen West talks of the Obama administration’s failure to examine social media with Fox News host Neil Cavuto. • Obama’s ISIS Do-over Won’t Stop Terror • Allen West • 12/14/15 • SEE […]

Allen West “Obama Evidencing His Delusional, Dangerous Attitude Towards Dealing With ISIS”

President Obama’s Delusional, Dangerous Attitude Towards ISIS.  The President does not want to accept the reality that we have a violent, vicious enemy. President Obama is avoiding both responsibility and accountability in facing the terror threat posed by ISIS. Lt. Colonel Allen West discusses Barack Obama’s “delusional, dangerous attitude” with Fox News host Tucker Carlson. […]

The OUTRAGEOUS Reason Jeh Johnson Won’t Call Chattanooga Shooting Islamic Terrorism 

As Reported by The Daily Caller: Why won’t the Obama administration call Fort Hood Islamic Terrorism? Why aren’t they calling Chattanooga Islamic Terrorism? Because it’s disrespect to Muslims and Islam is about peace: ARUTZ SHEVA – Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson announced the policy this past Friday at Aspen Institute’s annual security forum in Washington, […]

Allen West “We Cannot Continue Along The Path Of Political Correctness”

VIDEO PROVIDED BY MY FRIENDS AT BB4SP   As Written by Allen West on There’s only one story I want to focus on today. Our men and women deploy to fight and win the combat engagements of this nation. We know the harms and dangers of the combat zone, as well do our families. This […]

Allen West “Obama aiding and abetting Islamic terrorism”

Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto: via Media Matters “Obama is abetting Islamic terrorism by releasing Gitmo detainees” “Islamic terrorists continue to wage war on western civilization they need to be kept off the battlefield”  “I don’t care how long it takes. If they end up in Gitmo for the rest of their lives, […]

Allen West “It is time we shrink the global footprint of Islamic jihadism.”

by Allen West “It is time we shrink the global footprint of Islamic jihadism.” Yesterday morning I awoke to a nightmare: a brutal savage Islamic terrorist attack in Paris, France. We have now come to the point where tolerance has become a one-way street leading to cultural suicide. It was the French who came to […]

Allen West ponders NSA records data mining. Here are his thoughts

by Allen West via Facebook As I ponder the NSA records data mining episode here are my thoughts. This is like carpet bombing vs. precision attack. Can someone explain why we weren’t listening to Anwar-al-Awlaki and his conversations with Major Nidal Hasan? Why weren’t we able to track Carlos Bledsoe’s travel to Somalia and Yemen […]

Rep. Allen West’s Statement on the 11th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

(WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today on the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks: “On this day, we remember the unconscionable attack by the Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda on the United States of America. This attack resulted in the loss of thousands of men and women, and American lives were changed […]