Another Marker on the road to the Decline of Western civilization

The City of London, by all accounts, will be electing a Muslim mayor. This is probably not surprising as London is a highly diverse city. Adding to this is the fact that the United Kingdom has had an open door policy for immigrants from the Middle East. This is another marker on the road to the decline […]

The Citadel Will Crumble and Fall If It Allows This Demand To Stand!

In bits and pieces the Citadel will crumble and fall if it allows this demand to stand. It is like the nose of a camel asking to breath inside the tent during a sandstorm. Eventually, you will have the whole camel inside the tent with you. This is ridiculous on so many levels. The uniform […]

Allen West “The “religion of peace” has murdered 59 children” CRICKETS ……..

Written by Allen West The “religion of peace” has murdered 59 schoolchildren. Waiting to hear some condemnation. Not holding my breath. — Allen West (@AllenWest) February 26, 2014 The infamous “religion of peace” has struck again — perhaps they were celebrating the news issued by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel about US troop cuts. As initially […]

Allen West “Indeed, there are Islamic terrorist training camps in America”

Interesting how just one word in a news headline reveals the agenda of the media. This morning, the Washington Post reported an AP story “Judge: Spying on NJ Muslims by NYPD was legal.” Someone once asked me about “racial profiling” of Muslims. I responded that the issue was not “profiling” which is the PC word liberal progressives […]

Allen West “Pentagon caves to pressure from Muslim groups”

Written by Allen West As our troops in the combat zone contend with the release of Taliban killers and restrictive rules of engagement, they must contend with an Obama administration cowering to Islamic political correctness at home. As you may be aware, the Pentagon caved to pressure from Muslim groups and relaxed uniform rules to allow Islamic beards, turbans […]

Rep. Allen West “Exactly which principles and values does CAIR support?”

by: Congressman Allen West via Facebook I find it curious that the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is now giving political advice to the GOP. In today’s Washington Times, CAIR paid for a full-page ad entitled “GOP Asked to Reassess Its Relationship with American Muslims.” This is the same organization which was an unindicted co-conspirator […]

(CAIR) has joined with (PHRC) to stop your right to criticize Islam! – The United West

SHUT YOUR MOUTH TRENTO – WE CONTROL YOUR SPEECH HERE’S THE STORY… by Tom Trento of The United West I was in Philadelphia, the city that gave birth to freedom and liberty  speaking in a library, a building that exudes free speech and I had the “hateful audacity” to publicly challenge  shariah-compliant Muslims and their destructive belief system. As a […]

Obama Apologizes For Qur’an Burning But BIBLE Burning OK – by W.J.Murray

Feb 26th, 2012 | By wjmurray for Religious Freedom Coalition Obama to Muslims – We are sorry. Obama to Muslims – We are really sorry. Obama to Muslims – Please forgive us as you kill our soldiers  OBAMA APOLOGIZES FOR QUR’AN BURNING BUT BIBLE BURNING OK – In 2009 several boxes of Holy Bibles were burned at the […]

Rep Allen West gets it but do any of the current GOP contenders really get it. 5 Stages of Islam

Conservative Papers via alpineski Forget the Five Pillars of Islam.  It is the Five Stages of Islam that threaten the fundamental freedoms of  Western Democracy.  Freedoms which include freedom of thought, expression, and association and the crucial derived right of freedom of the press.  We should never forget that “Islam” means submission — the opposite of self-determination […]

Congressman Allen West Co-Sponsors the Open Fuel Standard Act

by Infidel Bloggers Alliance The courageous, straight-talking Republican from Florida has co-sponsored the Open Fuel Standard Act. If anyone understands the threat to our national security posed by our continued funding of Wahhabism, it is Congressman Allen West. His understanding of radical Islam is unsurpassed among elected officials. He understands fully that it is the […]

Coptic Christians under siege in post-revolution Egypt – By Maggie Michael – AP

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s Coptic Christians have long felt like second-class citizens in their own country. Now many fear that the power vacuum left after the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak is giving Muslim extremists free rein to torch churches and attack Coptic homes in the worst violence against the community in decades. An assault Sunday […]

“Know the Enemy” by Leslie Burt “Allen West knows the Enemy” PLEASE READ

by Leslie Burt WRITTEN ORIGINALLY on 06-23-2011 Follow Leslie Burt on twitter: @LeslieBurt Allen West Knows the Enemy Executive Summary Radical Islamism is on the rise across the globe and within the United States. Our policies to deal with the threat have been inadequate through several administrations. The problem lies in the liberal philosophies political […]