Iran Threatens U.S. in Straits of Hormuz

Iran seems determined to be the bully on the block. The strategic Straits of Hormuz sees 35% of the world’s seaborne oil trade pass through their narrows. When Iran gets mad at the United States (a perpetual state of affairs) they threaten our Navy and the world’s oil shipping. On 18 April 1988, the U.S. Navy waged a one-day battle […]

USS Cole Commander BLASTS Gitmo Detainee Transfer

17 Sailors of the United States Navy died in a terrorist bombing of the USS Cole. One of those involved in the plot, Al Sabri, has been released to Saudi Arabia. Charges have never been brought. Justice has been denied those 17 Sailors. Their Commanding Officer at that time, Commander Kirk S. Lippold, USN, is rightly incensed. […]

China Blocks U.S. Navy Flotilla

When Hong Kong was a British colony, visits by the United States Navy were a foregone conclusion. Now that the Peoples Republic of China has assumed governance, not so much. The latest Navy visit request has been refused by China. The USS Stennis Carrier Battle Group has been denied a port visit there. It is the latest unsubtle […]
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