Military Shortchanged Again!

When it comes to military pay raises, the Senate just cannot pull the trigger and do what is right. For the 6th year in a row, military pay will be raised less than 2%.  Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., chairman of the Armed Services’ personnel panel, claims the money saved will instead be used for training and equipment. […]

Senator John McCain Slams New VA Bill

Senator John McCain, Republican from Arizona, has issues with the current VA bill. He is correct in his opposition to the bill. It started out as a good bill, but the accountability aspects have been opposed by the unions. It seems that many in the Senate, bend to the will of the Union Masters. It […]

Veterans: Serving after Serving

Veterans in politics used to make up a large majority of those serving our nation in local, State, and Federal legislative bodies. That is not the case anymore. The peak was reached in the 1970’s and has been declining ever since. While you might suspect that the all volunteer force is the prime reason for […]

Money, Missiles & GITMO: US Admirals speak to Senate [VIDEO]

When Admirals speak to the Senate, they normally cover a lot of subjects. In this article it ranges around the world. The staff at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba received high praise for its selfless work. Missile defense is getting more expensive, and that is expected. The world wide issues, ISIS, Russia, China, and North Korea are also covered. How is […]

Three Pinocchios for the President

You have to go out of your way to earn the Three Pinocchio award in Washington, D. C.  In a town known for not being truthful any time the lips are moving, some  things just seem to float to the top. In this case you wonder if President Obama was just making his case and […]

Give Up GITMO?

There seems to be no trust by the Chairman of the Senate Armed Force Committee,  Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), that President Obama does not have a secret agenda with his upcoming Cuba visit. The President has become notorious for bypassing Congress to push his own agenda. Will this become another case of slapping the Constitution aside to accomplish his stated  goal […]

Conservatives Issue WARNING to Senate Majority on SCOTUS Pick

The conservative base of the GOP is sending a message to the leadership. How well it will be received and what actions will or will not be taken, remain to be seen. This is probably one of the most constitutionally important picks that has faced our nation in a long time. Read the considerations in this article.   […]

Supreme Court NIGHTMARE Scenario!

The author of this article paints a series of what-ifs on the process of nominating a Supreme Court Justice. It could go as long as 2021 before a nominee could or would be confirmed under the following conditions. It is an indictment of the Senate and its inability to function in the manner the founding fathers intended. Read the three specific […]

Nation’s Top Spy Chief’s Say World Pretty Much Going To Hell [VIDEO]

If you didn’t want a gloomy day, you would have been wise to stay away from the Senate hearings on Tuesday. The spy chiefs did not paint us a very rosy picture. The Islamic State, San Bernardino, and something called the ”Internet of Things” were among the items discussed. Along with all that, there were a few […]

Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Under Fire From Senate

Seven years into the roll out of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) the growth pains continue. The design, function, and reliability are all under not-so-friendly fire from Senators. The recent engineering failures, while acceptable in new ship design, have brought closed scrutiny to the whole program. The ability to survive in combat and missions that should be assigned do not seem to be marrying […]

Amend the Constitution H.J. Res 29 says Rep Tom Marino

Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) introduced  a bill to establish term limits for members of the House and Senate. Under Marino’s H.J. Res 29 proposal to amend the Constitution, House members could serve up to six two-year terms, while senators would be limited to two six-year terms. The Pennsylvania Republican, who’s served in the House since 2011, […]

A Man of Principle for US Senate | Rep Tom Cotton | Allen West Guardian Fund

Do you want to take back the U.S. Senate? The Guardian Fund has endorsed freshman Congressman Tom Cotton of Arkansas in his bid for U.S. Senate against Mark Pryor, an entrenched Democrat. Tom is a rising star in the Republican Party and without a doubt one of the brightest spots in American politics today. The […]
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