Allen West | Weekly Update via @Next_GenTV | 8/23/13

The Indestructible Spirit Of America Finding hope in glimpses of the next generation Last week, I had the distinct pleasure and honor of addressing groups at the Ahavath Torah led by Rabbi Jon Hausman in Stoughton Mass., and at the annual GOP “Steak-Out” in Nashua, N.H. As a paratrooper, I always think it is fun […]

Allen West’s Weekly Wrap Up | via @Next_GenTV | 8/16/13

The Troubled American Ship Of State – The captain and crew have navigated us into a nightmare It is great to be back, as I was away for 10 days as an invited guest speaker on the National Review summer cruise. We embarked from Amsterdam and headed into the North Sea toward the epic scenery of […]

Allen West – Exclusive: The Battle of Gettysburg (Part 1 of 3) via @Next_GenTV

Travel through history with Col. Allen West, as he takes you throughout the days leading up to the Battle of Gettysburg. Hear how General Robert E. Lee advanced on the North, winning initial skirmishes, and how the North cleverly retreated to the high ground in part one of special three part series commemorating the 150th […]

Allen West: Freedom Flame 2013

[youtube=] by: securefreedom Published on Jun 8, 2013 Former Congressman Allen West received the Center for Security Policy’s 2013 Freedom Flame Award. The Freedom Flame Award recognizes individuals who have exemplified the ideals of freedom, democracy, economic opportunity and international strength to which the Center for Security Policy is committed. The Award acknowledges the past contributions of […]

Allen West is the Federal Government acting with the consent of the governed?

CLICK HERE TO WATCH by: Pajamasmedia Published on Jun 12, 2013 Col. Allen West reviews the current scandals in Washington, D.C., and is amazed by the ease with which government officials lie, mislead and intimidate. Whether it is the Benghazi talking points, or the recently revealed NSA PRISM program, Col. West wonders whether the federal government is […]

Allen West ponders NSA records data mining. Here are his thoughts

by Allen West via Facebook As I ponder the NSA records data mining episode here are my thoughts. This is like carpet bombing vs. precision attack. Can someone explain why we weren’t listening to Anwar-al-Awlaki and his conversations with Major Nidal Hasan? Why weren’t we able to track Carlos Bledsoe’s travel to Somalia and Yemen […]

Allen West Weekly Wrap Up via Next Generation TV 6/7/13

When ‘Freedom’s Flame’ Burned Bright A brief history of the battles of Midway and D-Day This week the Center for Security Policy honored me with its 2013 “Freedom’s Flame” award — two years after giving me the greater honor of delivering a short tribute to House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon as the “Keeper of the […]

“Fear of a Black Republican” Join Allen West, director Kevin Williams, Niger Innis and Kevin Jackson for film screening

Please join Allen West For a special film screening of : “Fear of a Black Republican” with special guests: Kevin Williams – the film’s director Niger Innis – National Spokesman, Congress of Racial Equality Kevin Jackson – radio host and author of “The Big Black Lie” [youtube=] Friday, May 31st, 2013 VIP Reception 5:30 pm […]

Allen West “We must remember”

We must remember. The heroism… The valor… The courage.. We must remember the brave men and women who have worn the uniform of the United States Military to defend the liberties each of us enjoys. Not just today, on Memorial Day, but every day. As a veteran who saw too many of my comrades make […]

Allen West “May we never allow separation of church and state to be redefined”

by Allen West via Facebook On this National Day of Prayer, let us take time to remember the blessings bestowed upon us by our Almighty God. May we never allow separation of church and state to be redefined as separation of our Judeo-Christian faith foundation from these great United States. Our unalienable rights come from […]

Weekly Update from Allen West via Next Generation TV

The Quest For Electoral Integrity – America needs it but won’t get it from this administration Based upon my most recent experience with elections last November, I have learned quite a bit about voting irregularities. I clearly admit that I have never seen such a lack of professionalism and integrity as in evidence last fall. And […]

The American Spectator: Allen West: In Search of Giants

By JACKSON ADAMS Former Rep. Allen West has no plans to run for reelection — but he wants to help conservative minorities and military veterans win seats in Congress. “I asked myself, ‘How can I help the next generation of minority conservatives?’” West told TASin an interview. “I could go back and try to get back into Congress. […]

Allen West “A government truly “of the people” must be fully representative of those it governs” Launching the Allen West Foundation

Organization seeks to educate and train aspiring minority and veteran conservative leaders.   Boca Raton, FL – Former United States Congressman and retired Lt. Colonel Allen West today announced the launch of The Allen West Foundation, a Section 501(c)(4) non-profit organization with the mission of educating and inspiring the next generation of conservative leaders within the […]

Allen West Republic Goes to #CPAC2013

My bags are packed and I am ready to go! This is a brand new adventure. I am excited and scared all at the same time. What an opportunity to be in a place with like minded people. I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support I received to take on this new venture. […]

Allen West “I anxiously await President Obama’s gun control proposals”

via Allen West on Facebook “I anxiously await President Obama’s gun control proposals. I must ask if those in his administration who promoted Operation Fast and Furious were consulted on any of these measures. The hypocrisy is truly laughable. Furthermore, I wonder if the President considered inviting the mother and the two 9-year-old twins from […]