War Clouds Forming in the South China Sea?

Anyone who follows the AllenWestRepublic website or Facebook page knows that we pay a lot of attention to the events in the South China Sea. There is good reason for this. This has become the area where China will seek its dominance in the Far East. By unilaterally seizing disputed islands in this area, under a false […]

Russia’s World Wide Military Build Up

Russia has stated plans for a military build up. The reasons for this are convoluted. Follow me on this. Russia decided to go adventurism in the Crimea, and when the United States, NATO, and others responded in kind, Russia now felt threatened. This latest announcement seems to portend a move like in the old Cold […]

China Accuses US of Militarizing the South China Sea

China muddies the water of the South China Sea issue. The best way to divert attention from your own behavior is to accuse others of the very same thing. In this case China accuses the United States of being the one to militarize the South China Sea. That is laughable at a minimum. China has […]

What is China up to in Australia?

China, in yet another move, seems to have gone another leg up on the United States. In the ongoing series of chess moves to gain total control of the South China Sea, China has used the inattention of United States and Australian authorities to lease a port in Northern Australia. The big deal is that […]

ISIS Actively Seeking What?

ISIS has ambitions to bring pain and suffering to our shore. One way they desire to do that is through cyber warfare. They do not have a sophisticated capability yet, but they are seeking it. How long before they recruit the raw talent and develop the technologies to achieve this goal? Cyber space is one of our vulnerabilities. This nation is ‘hooked up’ […]

The Gathering Storm

In 1940 Sir Winston Churchill saw the gathering clouds of war that would cover the earth in World War Two. His personal desire was to write  history, which he did after the war. The first volume of that history was titled The Gathering Storm.  It is appropriate that this article would have that that same phrase. There has been a storm brewing […]

U.S. Missile Defense Cannot Be a One For One Tradeoff

If your missile defense is down to a one on one match up with an aggressor, your defenses will rapidly become saturated. That is gist if the comments from Admiral Bill Gortney, responsible for defending United States air space. And while he is not currently worried about our situation, he foresees a need to expand our capabilities and […]

Is North Korea Intentionally Seeking Sanctions?

North Korean leaders must think that what ever does not kill you makes you stronger. That has probably never been applied to a nation before. However, the nation seems to seek out the pain of international sanctions. Some analysts think that it helps to cement the power of Kim Jong-Un. Others see it as a […]

North Korea Threatens U.S? With What?

The most insecure government in the world, North Korea, is rattling its biggest sabers this time. Not content with regular dictator posturing, Kim Jong-Un has promised indiscriminate nuclear missile strikes against the United States and South Korea. It is debatable? 1. Does he have the missile to do this, and; 2. Does he have a nuclear […]

Marines vs Okinawa …. Again?

The United States Marines have been on Okinawa since WWII. First as an occupation force, and then as an allied nation. Once again they find themselves in a battle. This time they are surrounded by the government of Okinawa, the national government of Japan, and finally, the needs of the United States Government. The Marines […]

Russian Military Might? Not. So. Much.

The Russian Bear has been a symbol of military might handed down from the cold war. Is it all that mighty? The author of this article paints a different picture. Pointed out are the extreme and sometimes bizarre measures Putin has used in order to pull off his foreign policy using his military. Read the full story below. […]

North Korea THREATENS the United States

North Korea threatens attacks on the United States and South Korea if they carry on with planned military exercises. While nothing new, the North Korean threats are in response to the largest exercise ever to be carried out by the two nations in a joint exercise.  By FLORA DRURY and SARA MALM FOR MAILONLINE: North Korea threatens to […]

Russia Requests Surveillance Flights Over the United States Based on THIS?

WTH?  What in the world is the Treaty on Open Skies? Have you ever heard of it? Do you remember that the United States and many nations, including Russia, signed this deal back in 1992 and it went into effect in 2002? Signature nations can request and arrange to overfly each other and do military surveillance. This treaty was […]

Why North Korea’s Rocket Launch Is Disturbing

Exceeding all expectations, North Korea has put a satellite into orbit. This is another in-your-face step in becoming a global nuclear terrorist threat to the world. Nations are meeting and politicians are beating their breasts, but Kim Jung Un goes on developing his nuclear weapons. This is another milestone toward that goal. Expert opinion is […]

Iran’s military mastermind just gave the US the bird

AS REPORTED BY BUSINESS INSIDER: Iran’s military mastermind is getting defiant. Gen. Qassem Soleimani ignored a travel ban and sanctions and flew to Russia to meet with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and President Vladimir Putin, two unnamed Western intelligence sources told Fox News. It’s not clear what the leaders discussed at the July 24 meeting. Soleimani […]