TAKING IT BACK: Hillary Clinton decides what emails State Dept. can see

Who says you can’t have “backsies” when you are a Clinton? Well, certainly not the lame-stream media. If you are a Clinton, you can walk anything back and not be held accountable. In the case of the secret emails, well, it just keeps getting deeper and the media continues to issue Hillary a pass. They raked General Petreaus over the coals over his “misdemeanor.” It was nothing in comparison to the level of information that Hillary Clinton has on her private email server. How in the world is this not an issue of National Security already? Seriously? How?

“Everything we know about it — or everything we think we know about it — comes from Hillary Clinton.”

The Washington Examiner wrote:

The State Department has faced a lot of questions about former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s secret email account, but the most fundamental one is: Do you have them all? Officials at State have said repeatedly that Clinton has turned over 55,000 pages of emails from her time at the department. But each time spokeswoman Marie Harf has been asked whether that material — 55,000 pages, not 55,000 emails — represents all of Clinton’s State Department emails, she ends up citing Clinton’s staff, who have told department officials that Clinton has turned over everything that is “responsive” to the department’s request for documents. Clinton, of course, decided what is “responsive” and what is not.

On Friday, Harf faced another part of the question. Yes, Clinton’s staff has said they have turned over everything, but is the State Department doing anything to make sure that’s really true? It took a long time to get around to the answer, which is “No.”

The further went on to say:

Later, Harf compared Clinton’s production of emails to the process by which the State Department answers Freedom of Information Act requests. According to Harf, State depends on the official involved to give everything to the office that answers FOIA requests. But reporters wanted to know: Is there any way to check whether the employee has handed everything over?

“You’re saying that the State Department — for all FOIA requests, it relies on the goodwill of the individuals?” a reporter asked.

“I am not saying that for all — I’m not making a general statement about FOIA, and I’m also saying it’s not about goodwill,” Harf answered. “What I am saying is, in general, each employee is responsible for being responsive to records requests, document requests. I’m not going to get into ‘always,’ but — “



State Department: Hillary decides what emails we can see | WashingtonExaminer.com.


TAKING IT BACK: Hillary Clinton decides what emails State Dept. can see

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