Thanks To Breitbart Two More Swamp Creatures Will Be Departing D.C.

Thanks to some great journalism on the part of Breitbart News, there are now two more swamp creatures that will not be running for re-election. You have heard that Senator Bob Corker just announced that he will not run again. What you may not have heard is all about some shady financial dealings that have been reported. That is not the only one that Breitbart News has exposed. Here is the rest of the story. Read and be amazed.

As Written By Michael Patrick Leahy for Breitbart:

In three short weeks, Breitbart News reporting drove two of the three leading establishment Republicans in Tennessee out of the state’s 2018 U.S. Senate race.

First up was incumbent Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), who made a surprise announcement on September 26 he would not run for re-election, one day after a Breitbart News report about his sweetheart deal in an Alabama retail center development in which Alabama taxpayers are set to pay him more than $3 million over 20 years in sales tax incentive rebates.

Though his announcement that he would not seek re-election was couched in terms that claimed it had been made “[a]fter much thought, consideration and family discussion over the past year,” its suddenness–and the fact that Corker felt compelled to offer a lame and incomplete explanation for his investment in a deal that epitomizes the swamp in which the political elite thrive–underscores the potency of the Breitbart News report.

Then came Gov. Bill Haslam, like Corker a “moderate” establishment Republican from East Tennessee.

With Corker out of the race, all eyes turned to the scion of the wealthy Haslam family, whose personal $2.5 billion net worth derives from his inherited ownership interest in the Pilot Flying J national truck…….


Breitbart Goes ‘Old Hickory’ in Tennessee, Gets 2 Establishment Scalps – Breitbart

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