The autopsy of the Democrats’ 2016 election disaster just may lead to one badly needed improvement

It was early on in the Democrat primaries that the Hillary Clinton control of Superdelegates made the term into a household word. No one had ever paid attention to them before. They turned out to be the elite network’s power of control over the Primary process. It was, in effect, the ability by the elites to appoint their candidate for President. That may no longer be the case thanks to Hillary. read on.

As Written by Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

It’s far too soon for anyone to get their hopes up, but the autopsy of the Democrats’ 2016 election disaster just may lead to one badly needed improvement. Politico reports that a commission tasked with cleaning up the process has unanimously endorsed a proposal to remove a majority (though not all) of the so-called superdelegates from the primary circus. While both parties engage in this infuriating tradition, the elite party elders who are allowed to cast votes for the eventual nominee while not representing a single primary or caucus voter are a particularly odious problem for the party of the donkey. That may be about to undergo some serious reform.

A commission set up to help reform the Democratic presidential nominating process has voted to restrict the number of superdelegates as part of a slew of changes.

The Democratic Party’s Unity Reform Commission is recommending cutting the number of superdelegates by about 400, equal to a 60 percent reduction. Many of the remaining superdelegates would see their vote tied to the results in their state.

The commission is also suggesting that absentee voting be required as an option for presidential caucus participants. It is calling for automatic voter registration and same-day voter registration. And it wants to mandate public reporting of raw vote totals from caucus states.

How big of a problem are the superdelegates for the Democrats? I took 


The Democrats may finally be about to dump most of their superdelegates – Hot Air Hot Air

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