The Brand of the Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Democrats Is Impoding

The Democrat brand is not what it used to be. The shinning image of the progressive liberal socialist that they had placed upon their moral high ground has fallen over into the mud. It slid off the hill behind the Hollywood sign and is now being trampled into the ground just behind the DNC rigged election. There is nothing that the Democrat candidate can point to in the Party that can improve the candidate’s image. What will they do now?

As Written By Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

Just about all the associations the Democrats counted on to burnish their appeal to the public are in the process of discrediting themselves.  The theory of branding tells us that associating one brand with another desirable brand helps the former take on some of the luster.  That’s why you see so many product endorsements, for instance.

For decades, we have seen images of prominent Dems and Hollywood icons together – so much so that the brands are somewhat intertwined, meaning people feel sort of the same way about one as about the other.  Somewhat glamorous, or at least familiar.  People we enjoy.  Sometimes, even people we admire or even trust.

So when one falls out of favor, the other tends to follow.  That’s why scandals lead to cancelation of endorsements.

Hollywood is only the first citadel of evangelical liberalism, eager to mingle its brand with the Democrats so as to bring about political recruits.  The #MeToo ethic of speaking out is spreading, and the details get gorier.

The key to understand the real impact of the spreading disillusionment is that many of the abusers coming to light were widely known to be harassers and were tolerated in the larger community.  Everyone bought in and was equally hypocritical, preaching feminism as liberal intersectional dogma requires……

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