The collateral damage of FCC Internet regulation 

There is no example in the history of the planet that compares with the juggernaut of information technology unleashed by the granting of Internet independence from government control on April 30, 1995. What followed was the stunning success of the thousand-fold expansion of new communication capacity and services.


The Federal Communications Commission would be hard-pressed to identify a similar regulatory success story over the same period. The disconnect from reality only possible inside the Washington beltway nonetheless leads the commission on a path to impose a failed regime of government industrial policy on the Internet.

On June 12, 2015, the Open Internet Order from the Federal Communications Commission will take effect, regulating the Internet in the same way that monopoly voice telephone service was first regulated in the 1930s. The utter incongruity of declaring Internet and telephone networks equivalent threatens the entire economy — not just the Internet service providers. The uniformly anti-innovation 80-year track record of Title II regulations threatens all uses of the Internet, from looking up information about how to grow organic tomato plants to the expanding uses of cloud services.


The collateral damage of FCC Internet regulation |

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