The collusion being proved is not what the press expected

Where’s the Collusion? I have visions of the little old lady in the 1984 Wendy’s commercial peering at a hamburger and asking, “Where’s the Beef?!” Now flash forward to today and have her glaring down at the documents of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigations. Can you see and hear her saying, “Where’s the Collusion?!” It does not appear that the collusion accusations are going to stick to President Donald Trump. However, there is now ample evidence of collusion within the FBI, the DOJ, the media, and the Clinton camp. Here is how it now looks.

As Written and Reported By Michael Barone for the Washington Examiner:

The collusion being proved is not what the press expected.

As the likelihood of the charges of Trump campaign “collusion” with Russia seems headed toward zero, the likelihood of proof of a different form of “collusion” seems headed upward toward certainty.

The Russia collusion charge had some initial credibility because of businessman Trump’s dealings in Russia and candidate Trump’s off-putting praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was fueled by breathless media coverage of such trivial events as Jeff Sessions’ exchange of pleasantries with the Russian ambassador at a Washington reception.

And, of course, by the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel. But Mueller’s prosecutions of Trump campaign operatives were for misdeeds long before the campaign, and his indictment of 13 Russians specified that no American was a “knowing participant” in their work.

Now, there’s talk that Mueller is winding up his investigation. Whenever he finishes, it seems unlikely his work will fulfill the daydreams so many liberals have of making Trump go the way of Richard Nixon.

Meanwhile, the evidence builds of collusion by the Obama administration’s law enforcement and intelligence personnel in trying to elect Hillary Clinton and defeat and delegitimize Donald Trump in and after the 2016 presidential…..


Michael Barone: Collusion, anyone?


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