The corrupt media had no problem with Obama’s mentors racist Rev Wright and terrorist killer Bill Ayers

It is astonishing the extent and measures that the liberal progressives will go to to marginalize Steve Bannon. Bannon has been appointed to Donald Trump’s staff and lies have been made up out of whole cloth to take him down. In the meantime, the corrupt media forgets the real racists and terrorist on the Obama team. Do you remember Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers? There are some jewels for you to contemplate. One is an American and Jew hater and the other is a bomb carrying terrorists. 

As Written By Jim Hoft for Breitbart:

I Know Steve Bannon–He’s Not a Racist Crackpot Like Rev. Wright or a Terrorist Bomber Like Bill Ayers

The corrupt mainstream media had no problem with Obama’s nutcase Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who preached political hatred against America and the Jews.

But on Sunday the entire mainstream media began attacking Stephen Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News and Trump’s chief strategist.

The New York Times called Steve Bannon the “Voice of Racism” in their latest headline.

I know Steve Bannon and he is not a racist, sexist, Jew-hater, or homophobe.

The media is lying to you again.

Back in August 2013, I came down with a sepsis bacterial attack that nearly killed me. I …

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I Know Steve Bannon-He’s Not a Racist Crackpot Like Rev. Wright or a Terrorist Bomber Like Bill Ayers – Breitbart

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