The Daily Caller Just Found Michael Avenatti’s Dirty Laundry

It appears that Stormy Daniel’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has some more dirty laundry to be aired. It seems that the lawyer may or may not own a coffee company. That coffee company fired a high performing manager as soon as she announced that she was pregnant. The company was garnished $120 K by the court. That’s not all of the scandals. The company is not currently selling coffee, has not filed for bankruptcy, and is apparently not paying suppliers, vendors, and creditors either. 

As Written and Reported By PETER HASSON, JOE SIMONSON AND KEVIN DALEY for the Daily Caller:

Michael Avenatti’s coffee chain fired a top-performing store manager in July 2016 because she became pregnant, a court found according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Washington state court on Oct. 13, 2017, ordered the parent companies for Tully’s Coffee chain to repay the woman $80,000 in lost wages and $40,000 in damages for the “pain and suffering” after her unlawful termination, court documents show.

Both parent companies, Global Baristas, LLC and Global Baristas US, LLC, are either directly or indirectly controlled by Avenatti, according to government records reviewed by TheDCNF.

The woman, Elizabeth Eno, worked for the chain from 2012 until she was fired in July 2016, shortly after she informed her supervisor that she became pregnant, according to court documents.

Eno informed her supervisor around “the beginning of July 2016” that she was pregnant, court documents show. On July 5, the expectant mother “was evaluated by a secret shopper” and scored an 89 percent, court documents show.

But two days later, the woman’s supervisor told her that she had, in fact, fared poorly in the evaluation and informed her that she had been fired, the court found. This was roughly a week after she had revealed her pregnancy to her ……


Avenatti’s Company Fired Pregnant Woman | The Daily Caller

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