The Daily Caller News Foundation Files Lawsuit Against the DOJ

The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) has gone after the DOJ with a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit. The object of this lawsuit is memos written by former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey. It seems that the former director had some meetings with President Donald Trump before he was let go from his position, i.e; fired. The contents of these memos were leaked by Mr. Comey to a friend. The object was to cause some consternation in Congress and the mainstream media and get a special counsel appointed to “investigate” the President for things that do not exist. DNCF reasons that if they were unclassified and were leaked, then everybody should get to see them. The DOJ seems to think otherwise.

As Written by Mark Tapscott for the Daily Caller:

The Daily Caller News Foundation sued the Department of Justice Thursday, demanding copies of three unclassified memoranda written by former FBI Director James Comey after he met with President Donald Trump.

The Freedom of Information Act suit, Daily Caller News Foundation v U.S. Department of Justice, was filed on behalf of TheDCNF by Judicial Watch, and is in response to DOJ’s denial of a June 9 FOIA request for the memos, and subsequent refusal to act on an administrative appeal.

Comey also wrote four classified memos about his talks with Trump, in addition to the three unclassified memos requested.

The FOIA request was denied after DOJ officials claimed the three memos are exempt from disclosure because they involve “information that would interfere with a pending law enforcement matter.”

The FOIA required DOJ officials to resolve the appeal by Aug. 30, 2017.

“Americans have a right know the full facts about former FBI Director James Comey’s unclassified memos regarding his conversations with…….


DCNF Sues DOJ For Comey-Trump Convo Memos | The Daily Caller

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