The data mining that the Obama campaign was allowed to do with Facebook possibly violated federal law [Video]

[VIDEO] The data mining that the Obama campaign was allowed to do with Facebook user data may have violated federal law. Because of the storm over Cambridge Analytica doing so for the Trump campaign has revealed the issues with the Obama campaign. To outward appearances, this was a contribution in kind by Facebook to Obama. The Federal Elections Commission needs to investigate this.

As Written and Reported By Hans A. von Spakovsky for Fox News:

Controversy continues to swirl around how the consulting firm Cambridge Analytica obtained personal data from over 50 million Facebook users without their knowledge and used it to target ads to individuals in an effort to help Donald Trump be elected president in 2016.

But a more serious case of apparent misconduct involves Facebook data going to a different presidential campaign – this time in 2012. In this case, which is getting far less attention, Facebook reportedly voluntarily provided data on millions of its users to the re-election campaign of President Obama.

If true, such action by Facebook may constitute a major violation of federal campaign finance law as an illegal corporate campaign contribution. The matter should be investigated by the Federal Election Commission – an agency I am quite familiar with, because I served as one of its commissioners from 2006 to 2007. The commission enforces campaign finance laws for congressional and presidential elections.

A federal law bans corporations from making “direct or indirect” contributions to federal candidates. That ban extends beyond cash contributions to “any services, or anything of value.” In other words, corporations cannot provide federal candidates with free services of any kind. Under the Federal Election Commission’s regulations, “anything of value” includes any “in-kind contribution…..


Did Facebook’s ‘favors’ for the Obama campaign constitute a violation of federal law? | Fox News



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