The Democrats Have a Problem

When you look at the coverage that CNN gives to House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi, you can tell that she is their number one hero. They are always there hanging on her every word and when the need arises, they tell us what she really meant to say. 

On the conservative side of the aisle, she is seen as a loose cannon and can be counted on to give some political comic relief from time to time. That is a lot like our old Vice President, Joe Biden. Uncle Joe could always be counted on to give us some head scratching sound bytes from time to time.

What this means is that CNN is doing the Republicans a favor by keeping her in the spotlight. After all, she is the voice and the face of the Democrat Party.

As Written By Monica Showalter for the American Thinker:

The Democrats are a frustrated bunch. Unable to win elections, their legacy legislation and executive orders of the past few years vanishing, their representation in statehouses shriveling, they often wonder why no one likes them.

Well, here’s one answer, and let’s hope nothing changes:

Nancy Pelosi, according to the Daily Caller, gets more airtime on CNN than even many of its paid contributors.

She’s out there in all her Botox frozen glory, stumbling on her words, slurring her speech, stating surreal things, declaring her own greatness, and just generally making herself repellent to voters.

And CNN, apparently in a bid to please her, keeps bringing her on. They like her, she’s their type. Yet to the rest of us, she’s rapidly descending to the level of the Democrats’ nutty aunt in the attic. Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez must get heartburn every time Pelosi is presented to voters as the great face of the Democrats…….


CNN lards on the Pelosi coverage: The Democrats have a problem

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