The Dragon Stirs

The symbol for China is the Dragon. In all the old myths about dragons, you never wanted to stir one up. China has been building her military up for some time now and intends to become an international force. This week she put on a show of force that seems to be directed at both North Korea and the United States. Their Navy is seeing increased activity, this time off the Korean peninsula. 

As Written By Sarah Zheng for the South China Post:

Analysts say four-day exercise off Korean peninsula is message of deterrence for Pyongyang and show of force aimed at US and Japan.

China will stage a second naval drill off the coast of the Korean peninsula in the Yellow Sea on Saturday, just a week after the last on

The exercise comes after North Korea conducted its second intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test on July 28.

The four-day drill within a cordoned-off area between the coast of Qingdao and the waters east of Lianyungang – a potential flashpoint for regional security – is aimed at sending a message of deterrence and showing its military might to North Korea, the United States and others in the region, analysts say.

Beijing has not released detailed information about the live-fire drill, aside from saying it would be carried out from Saturday until Tuesday, according to notices from the PLA Navy’s North Sea Fleet and the Shandong Maritime Safety Administration.

It follows a similar three-day naval exercise from July 27 to July 29 in the Yellow Sea – the northern part of the East China Sea.

Analysts noted the timing of the drill, which comes after flare-ups between Beijing and Washington over Pyongyang’s latest missile test.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday called on all parties to avoid taking “any actions that will lead to an escalation in tensions” on the Korean peninsula.

Malcolm Davis, an expert in Chinese defence at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, said the latest drill was about deterring North Korea while acting as a show of force for the US and Japan.

“It’s basically a warning to Pyongyang,” he said. “The Chinese would really like to get the North Koreans to back down, but it largely depends on whether ………


Beijing sends warning with second naval drill in Yellow Sea | South China Morning Post

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