The Embarrassments Pile Up For CNN

Ted Turner’s child, CNN, is no longer the icon of news reporting that it once was. Having been exposed as a leading fake news outlet in the United States it has descended into a fit of attacks on the President of the United States. If you don’t have the high cards, and they don’t, expect to get “Trumped.” They continue to spin stories and then have to eat them. There is no traction in lying.

As Written by Monica Showater for American Thinker:

First, President Trump refused to take their questions.  Later, he tweeted that they were a network of “fake news.”  Then they got caught in a fake news scandal, of the grossest sort, reporting some of the “golden showers” phony dossier on Trump as straight news and getting caught and discredited.  Turned out it was just the product of some disgusting left-anarchist’s febrile imagination, and only Buzzfeed made a bigger fool of itself.  Then Trump spokesman Sean Spicer refused to call on them or even let them in their prized perches in the press room.  The final straw, almost, was when a Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman, the peppery Maria Zakarova, piled on and upbraided CNN as fake, too, telling them to quit spreading lies and fake news.  The hits just keep coming…

All of that might be tolerable on the grounds that if you are taking flak, you might be over the target.

Not the case for CNN.

What is happening now is that CNN is losing out on coveted media award nominations to…Vladimir Putin’s state-owned …….


Blog: For CNN, the embarrassments pile up

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