The End Is Near…..

There are a lot of metaphors that could be used to describe the last stand of the Podesta Group. The handwriting is on the wall and the ship is being readied to be abandoned. The Podesta Group has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar and Special Counsel Robert Mueller has taken notice of their seeming illegal activities for a foreign government. It will be interesting to watch as some of this will tie back to the Clinton Camp. Will the podestas take the fall for Hillary? Will Mueller make them spill the truth? Tune in tomorrow for another update.

As Written By Theodoric Meyer for POLITICO:

Tony Podesta’s lavish art collection is coming down off the walls at the Podesta Group, as the lobbying firm — among the largest and most powerful in Washington — prepares to close up shop.

Workers started removing dozens of pieces in Podesta’s collection of photography and other artworks from the walls of the firm on Thursday, the same day Kimberley Fritts, the firm’s longtime chief executive, abruptly resigned, according to a Podesta Group staffer.

Fritts is starting her own firm and intends to bring many of the firm’s top lobbyists with her, according to seven Podesta Group staffers, who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the situation candidly. But less than two weeks after Podesta stepped down as chairman, the firm he founded 30 years ago may soon shut its doors, with staffers unsure if they’ll be paid after next week.

“The firm as it existed is essentially over,” one Podesta Group staffer said. “The vast majority of people are going their own way.”

At an emotional staff meeting late Thursday afternoon, Fritts told staffers they could clear out their offices and said that Wednesday might be their last payday.

“We will try to compensate you on the 30th, but we can’t make any promises……..


Inside the Podesta Group’s last days – POLITICO

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