The establishment elites dig in hard with plans to obstruct and defeat the President

The establishment elites have gone all out in an attempt to derail the President of the United States. The inside the beltway groups and the alt-left media have joined forces with Hollywood with one objective in mind. The goal is to bring down the Trump administration at any cost. Never has a president met such subversive opposition.

As Written By Robert Wasinger for the Washington Examiner:

President Trump won the White House by running against the establishment, mocking the accepted positions and the approved rhetoric of both the political ruling class in Washington and the cultural ruling class in Hollywood. In so doing, he became the de facto spokesman of the forgotten Americans overlooked if not held in disdain by these coastal elites. All the while, he won the undying enmity of an establishment that see him as a mortal threat to their continued dominance.

Since the shock of Trump’s resounding electoral victory, that establishment has kicked into full panic mode and is resorting to increasingly desperate measures in a doomed attempt to reverse the election results. Much of the media coverage has been consumed by the unsurprising fact that Hollywood is still in liberal la la land and that the usual suspects in DC are feigning histrionics about Trump’s cabinet choices. But the real news about resistance to the president’s agenda is more troubling: that a considerable group of unelected bureaucrats in the federal agencies and in the federal judiciary have taken it upon themselves to frustrate the Trump Administration agenda by any means necessary.

Desperately clutching to the remaining vestiges of power they have left, they are resorting to leaks to destroy those who threaten the establishment agenda, foot-dragging in the confirmation of essential executive branch personnel, non-enforcement of executive orders and initiatives, and blatantly political rulings from the bench attempting to reverse presidential actions without any constitutional authority whatsoever.

Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in the hand-wringing and subversion related to the executive order curtailing travel and immigration to the United States by citizens of countries known for…..


A besieged establishment digs in | Washington Examiner

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