The FBI ‘Modified’ Their Response to Hillary’s Email Case

For some reason that no one understood, the FBI has been highly reluctant to release files of their investigation into Hillary Clinton and the email scandal. There is also the question as to whether or not her lawyers are guilty of obstruction of justice by deleting her Syaye Department files. It is evident that the lawyers have been set up to be the fall guys on that issues. Hillary outsmarted them on that one. I guess that they were sure she would be President and they could do as she damned well pleased. Now the FBI will honor a Freedom Of Information Act request and release their investigation files.

As Written By Stephen Dinan for The Washington Times:

Weeks after saying there wasn’t enough public interest in Hillary Clinton’s email case, the FBI’s decision has been modified, and the bureau will publicly release more details of its obstruction of justice probe into the former secretary of state.

The Justice Department confirmed the new position in a letter Thursday to Ty Clevenger, a lawyer who’d filed an open records request for the information.

The FBI had initially told him there wasn’t enough public interest to outweigh Mrs. Clinton’s privacy concerns, but he appealed to the Justice Department, which said it was “modifying the FBI’s response.”

Justice Department official Sean R. O’Neill said that after speaking with Mr. Clevenger, they have concluded that the records in question are part of the Clinton email investigation file, which he said they’re already making public in installments.

“Any records concerning the FBI’s investigation of obstruction of justice are currently being processed by the FBI along with the remainder of the Clinton email investigation file. The FBI is publicly posting all releasable records on a……..


FBI reversal: Bureau will release more Hillary Clinton investigation docs – Washington Times

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