The Firing of Rex Tillerson Was Not A Surprise

In case you were not paying attention to current events today, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson got his walking papers. He was terminated. He was cashiered. Mr. Tillerson served at the pleasure of the President and it seems that the pleasure was not there anymore. Some pundits report it as an abrupt move by the President. Others complain that it was poorly handled. You can find much criticism of the President in the drive-by mainstream media. What you cannot dispute is that it was the President’s right to do as he saw fit. Here is what reportedly went down.

As Written and Reported By Adam Kredo for the Free Beacon:

The abrupt firing Tuesday of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson follows months of infighting between the State Department and White House over efforts by Tillerson to save the Iran nuclear deal and ignore President Donald Trump’s demands that the agreement be fixed or completely scrapped by the United States, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

In the weeks leading up to Tillerson’s departure, he had been spearheading efforts to convince European allies to agree to a range of fixes to the nuclear deal that would address Iran’s ongoing ballistic missile program and continued nuclear research.

While Trump had prescribed a range of fixes that he viewed as tightening the deal’s flaws, Tillerson recently caved to European pressure to walk back these demands and appease Tehran while preserving the deal, according to these sources. The Free Beacon first disclosed this tension last week in a wide-ranging report.

White House allies warned Tillerson’s senior staff for weeks that efforts to save the nuclear deal and balk on Trump’s key demands regarding the deal could cost Tillerson his job, a warning that became reality Tuesday when Trump fired Tillerson by tweet…….


Tillerson Fired Over Rogue Bid to Save Iran Nuke Deal

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